Franklin Window and Door's Trip to Provia


The Franklin Window and Door team at the Provia manufacturing plant. From left to right: Kate Ellison, John Mannion, Cori Brown and Scott Brown.

Aluminum Clad Windows and the Differences

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing the right window for a home. Of course, aesthetics, shape and utility are critical in any window buying process. But, if we take a deeper look and consider the structural components of aluminum clad windows, we can begin to see some substantial...


How Do I Buy a New Front Entry Door?

Buying that perfect  door, designed just for you.

I want to replace my front door with a new one, but I don't know where to begin? One of the most common comments I hear from my customers is that “my current door is really ugly” or “it lets in a lot of cold air.” I want a new front door but I...


Where Window & Door Design Meets Quality

There is art and beauty all around us, even in the places we often overlook. Art does not have to be as profound as a 10 foot painting, or as loud as a symphonic composition. No, it can be something as common, yet timeless as the architecture of a historic building, or the furnishings inside a...


Whats New With Casement Windows

Marvin is continuing to offer the most innovative and scenic windows to date with their continued promotion of the Marvin Ultimate Casement window. This top of the line casement window model excels in every area. Most notably, it happens to be the largest casement window on the market. The...


Marvin Tilt Turn Window


Open up a space and allow easy airflow with these sleek, Marvin Tilt Turn windows.

 The Marvin Tilt Turn window has been a popular item at the Indianapolis Home Show this year. This sleek and efficient European design allows easy air ventilation from the top of the sash or, like a casement...


Marvin Corner Window


Marvin's innovative and beautifully scenic window



 Marvin Windows and Doors takes pride in the innovation and design behind each and every product they sell. With 40 U.S. patents to their brand name, when there's room for improvement or reinvention, Marvin is the first to step up to...


Women in Doors and Windows

When it comes to doors and windows, it's primarily a man's world. Or, perhaps, it used to be.


How to Operate Marvin's Next Generation Double Hung Windows


Denali Ultimate Double Hung Next Generation Interior.

Marvin’s Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung Windows


Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung windows, provided by Marvin.

Houzz Survey Says...Houzz Local Pros

 The 2016 Houzz & Home Report highlighted some of the current and predicted trends in home construction and remodeling for this past and current year. And, when it came to the window buying market, 2015 saw more activity in exterior upgrades (including windows, exterior doors and siding) than in...


Holiday Wreaths and Exterior Doors, A Lasting Tradition

What are the purposes of a front entry door? well, of course, an exterior door is there for security, to help keep the elements out, and to serve as the main focal point of every home. But, there's something else a door is great for, something that can only be exemplified once or twice a year.


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