Marvin’s Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung Windows

December 8, 2016


Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung window, provided by Marvin.
Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung windows, provided by Marvin.

 A window can truly transcend its original, mechanical purpose. It can serve as a portal to the outside world, and even to a dissimilar time and place. Historical homes have this very ability to pull us into the aesthetic and design inclinations that played a part in conceiving these beautiful, yet functional windows.

And, it’s this focus on quality and practicality that’s behind Marvin’s revolutionary Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung window.

Covered with high quality exterior clad, simulated divided lites on the top sash are reminiscent of the aesthetic qualities found in historical homes. Marvin’s Next Generation window provides a plethora of custom options in terms of finishes and casings, allowing you to customize your window to best fit the build of your home.

But the design quality of this product is not its only selling point. The mechanics of the Marvin Ultimate Double Hung allows optimal security, due to a multi-point locking system that locks directly into the jamb. This way, you can be assured that the window is fastened just by hearing that audible “click.”

Continuing with the double hung feature, the top sash can lower, allowing air circulation, while the bottom sash will remain locked and secured. Same goes for the bottom sash. This revolutionary locking feature allows for air circulation and security all at the same time, while maintaining a beautiful and sophisticated design appeal.


Make sure to visit Franklin Window and Door to see and learn more about the Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung window, along with additional Marvin windows and doors.



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