Considerations For Your Next Window or Door Replacement Project

December 8, 2016

Not every window and door is the same. And, as a local dealer of high-end fenestration systems, Franklin Window and Door understands that. Windows and doors come in an assortment of different operational configurations, colors, materials, prices and sizes. With a company like Franklin Window and Door, the options seem nearly endless as to what you're at liberty of doing. So, before spending any money or even beginning the buying process, here are some things to keep in mind that will ultimately help you make that final decision.

1.  There are several types of windows and doors to choose from when planning your upcoming window or door replacement project. Here are a few window options that you can consider and research further.

  • Casement, awning, double hung, single hung, glider, venting picture, tilt turn, and stationary

Here are a selection of door options to consider, as well:

  • French atrium, double French, sliding patio door, multi-slide door, bi-fold door, entry door and storm door

Click here to get a better idea of the functional and design variances of different windows. Click here to learn more about door selections.

There are also a plethora of materials to choose from with both windows and doors, alike.

  • Windows can be manufactured using vinyl, extruded aluminum, rolled aluminum, fiberglass or wood.
  • For doors, slabs can be made of steel, wood, aluminum or fiberglass.

2. Keep in mind that materials matter, and often, becomes a detrimental factor when looking at product warranty and price. Extruded aluminum windows have an aluminum covering on the wood to help protect from denting, fading and chipping. Extruded aluminum is approximately the thickness of a quarter, compared to its roll form aluminum counterpart, which often has the thickness of a pop can. Clearly, when it comes to the longevity and security of a window, the extruded aluminum is the way to go. Fiberglass happens to be another comparable option that's also cost effective. These windows are strong, energy efficient and long lasting.

roll form vs extruded aluminum windows

3. Budget is another critical component to keep in mind. Try to approach a project with an idea of the maximum amount you're willing to spend. A good  quality door can range in price depending on factors like glass, caming, stain, size and hardware. Windows also have price variances that are reliant on individual specs and features. You also have to consider the cost of installation, which will vary depending on the company. In order to not be blindsided at the end of your project by an outlandish number, make sure to discuss budget with your consultant as soon as possible.

4. There are too many companies out there that will try to high pressure sell in order to close a deal. Usually these companies will low-ball initially, offering you a handsomely low price, but then as the project gets underway, will proceed to add on extra expenses. That's why it's important to find a company that's upfront and honest from the very start.

5. When you have made your selection, it's important to go over a company/client contract that outlines every detail of the project. This includes everything from the payment process, to the project specs, to the liability and service procedures. And, if you have any questions regarding legal jargon or specific policies, sit down with your sales consultant and discuss these points in person.

Please visit Franklin Window and Door, today, to see what we can do for you! We're located at, 1069 3rd Ave SW, Carmel, IN 46032.

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