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December 8, 2016

houzz_logo The 2016 Houzz & Home Report highlighted some of the current and predicted trends in home construction and remodeling for this past and current year. And, when it came to the window buying market, 2015 saw more activity in exterior upgrades (including windows, exterior doors and siding) than in 2014. These trends were displayed more from recent home buyers than average renovators. It is predicted, however, that there will be a shift in focus this year in regards to home renovation; as more sellers will devote time to appearance-enhancing exterior elements, such as paints and deck upgrades.

"Recent home buyers are even more likely to invest in these types of discretionary upgrades (e.g., windows, exterior doors, and siding) than the average renovator..."

If you're an architect, designer or contractor, then your services are quite the hot commodity. According to the Houzz report, there seems to be a general consensus that hiring professional help when it comes to home remodeling and building, is the preferred way to go.

"Consistent with last year's findings, more than four in five homeowners renovated their homes with professional help in 2015 (85%). Pro hiring is especially high among homeowners 55 years of age or older (88%) as well as those who recently purchased their home (91%)."

This coincides with Houzz's findings that both architects and designers are valued in the field. It seems, however, that consumers trust each for their different and unique specialties.  According to Houzz, homeowners cite architects' understanding of the building code and designers' help with finding products and materials as being most valuable during the renovation process.

And lastly, as an interesting fact to ponder, especially in an industry where budget is an imperative point of discussion, Houzz reports that nearly one-third of homeowners take on a remodeling project without setting a budget. And the same amount, appears to exceed an already established budget.

So, if your'e having a difficult time discovering a budget or getting a customer to discuss even a ball-park number, it might be because budget hasn't been considered. And, even if it has, we have to ponder how likely a customer will be to stick to said budget if they truly find the product and service they so desire.

These are merely a few of the findings outlined in the 2016 Houzz & Home Report. If you're currently looking to replace your windows or doors, visit Franklin Window and Door today or check us out on Houzz.com as one of their highest rated Houzz local pros!


Sources: 2016 Houzz & Home Report


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