Holiday Wreaths and Exterior Doors, A Lasting Tradition

December 8, 2016

Cori and Scott Brown's front entryway door decorated

What are the purposes of a front entry door? well, of course, an exterior door is there for security, to help keep the elements out, and to serve as the main focal point of every home. But, there's something else a door is great for, something that can only be exemplified once or twice a year.

And, that thing is to showcase festive, hanging wreaths.

So why exactly, when the holidays are on the horizon, do we choose to hoist these decorative evergreen orbs onto our windows and exterior doors.



Franklin Window and Door wreath
This Laurel golden wreath symbolizes what would have been worn by Ancient Greeks.

 Well, there's actually a lot of mystery behind where and when this tradition gained popularity. One theory is that the modern-day wreath first came into the scene in ancient Greco-Roman society. During this time, civilians would craft cranium-sized wreaths out of leaves, twigs, fruits and flowers and then wear them on their heads as a symbol of status or wealth.


Wreath for Advent

Now, given that Christmas is a religious holiday, it also, makes sense that the wreath's origins would arise as a form of ritual. Approximately 1,000 years before the birth of Christ, pagans, celebrating the solstice, would make wreaths as a symbol of surviving a long winter and seeing the promise of a bountiful spring. People of that time, commonly made these wreaths out of evergreen, with four candles, representing earth, wind, fire and water.

By the 16th century, Catholics and Protestants alike, used these very symbols to celebrate Advent, the season of waiting for the birth of Christ. As part of this tradition, a candle was lit during dinnertime along with once every week. The fifth candle, located in the middle of the wreath, was lit on Christmas Eve to represent the birth of Jesus.

Source: Daily Progress, "The Tradition of the Christmas Wreath


Frosted wreath
Buy synthetic materials from any craft store to create this elegant, frosted effect. Photo HSN



Snow spray pine cone wreath
Glue pine cones to a large foam form and coat with snow spray from a local craft store. Photo houzz


Creative DIY Wreath Ideas:


pine cone wreath
Hot glue pine cones, berries, twigs and any other goodies to a thick foam form for this look. Photo   Christmas Central 



Visit Franklin Window and Door to find the perfect window or door to hold your favorite holiday wreath!

Source: This Old House, "Creative Ideas for DIY Wreaths"


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