Top Rated Energy Efficient Door by Provia!

December 8, 2016

Franklin Window and Door is proud to now offer the #1 ranking energy efficient door in the nation! ProVia's Embarq Fiberglass Entry Door with Envision innovation combines style and custom options with top of the line efficiency. With a plethora of different sizes and finishes, this door allows every homeowner the freedom to create a beautiful design, while still managing to keep those harsh elements out.


This dual perimeter seal on both the door and the frame adds another energy saving feature.

 Here are just a few of the features that makes the Embarq door the leading model in the industry:

1. To help accommodate for more insulation, ProVia has thickened the door from the standard 134" to 212", this means that the Embarq entry door is 43% thicker than standard exterior doors. To go along with this, they have also engineered a dual perimeter seal to create a barrier to prevent any leaks or possible seal failures.

2. Also, the rails and header of the door allow for a larger energy efficient polyurethane core. This manufacturing process takes the time to fill every crevice of the door with a foam barrier material, equating to the highest rating in the industry.


This custom bottom sweep prevents the elements from coming in, and therefore, keeps your house the perfect temperature all year long.

 3. Lastly, ProVia has custom designed a sweep to accommodate the extra thickness of the Embarq door. Yet again, this is just another feature that adds to the overall energy efficiency of this product.


So, if you're interest in both efficiency and  beauty combined, contact Franklin Window and Door today to ask about this new, showstopper of a door. And, make sure to check out our website and follow us on Facebook at Franklin Window And Door.

Sources: ProVia


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