Franklin Window and Door's Trip to Provia


The Franklin Window and Door team at the Provia manufacturing plant. From left to right: Kate Ellison, John Mannion, Cori Brown and Scott Brown.

How Do I Buy a New Front Entry Door?

Buying that perfect  door, designed just for you.

I want to replace my front door with a new one, but I don't know where to begin? One of the most common comments I hear from my customers is that “my current door is really ugly” or “it lets in a lot of cold air.” I want a new front door but I...


Bold and Bright Fiberglass Entry Doors: What Defines a Home



 Why settle for the same, when you can be bold and bright? That's the notion we maintain when recommending fiberglass entry doors for our clients. What we have learned throughout our accumulated years of experience in the window and door industry, is that an entry door can be the defining...


Considerations For Your Next Window or Door Replacement Project

Not every window and door is the same. And, as a local dealer of high-end fenestration systems, Franklin Window and Door understands that. Windows and doors come in an assortment of different operational configurations, colors, materials, prices and sizes. With a company like Franklin Window and...


Top Rated Energy Efficient Door by Provia!

Franklin Window and Door is proud to now offer the #1 ranking energy efficient door in the nation! ProVia's Embarq Fiberglass Entry Door with Envision innovation combines style and custom options with top of the line efficiency. With a plethora of different sizes and finishes, this door allows...


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