Franklin Window and Door's Trip to Provia


The Franklin Window and Door team at the Provia manufacturing plant. From left to right: Kate Ellison, John Mannion, Cori Brown and Scott Brown.

How Do I Buy a New Front Entry Door?

Buying that perfect  door, designed just for you.

I want to replace my front door with a new one, but I don't know where to begin? One of the most common comments I hear from my customers is that “my current door is really ugly” or “it lets in a lot of cold air.” I want a new front door but I...


Where Window & Door Design Meets Quality

There is art and beauty all around us, even in the places we often overlook. Art does not have to be as profound as a 10 foot painting, or as loud as a symphonic composition. No, it can be something as common, yet timeless as the architecture of a historic building, or the furnishings inside a...


Considerations For Your Next Window or Door Replacement Project

Not every window and door is the same. And, as a local dealer of high-end fenestration systems, Franklin Window and Door understands that. Windows and doors come in an assortment of different operational configurations, colors, materials, prices and sizes. With a company like Franklin Window and...


Houzz Survey Says...Houzz Local Pros

 The 2016 Houzz & Home Report highlighted some of the current and predicted trends in home construction and remodeling for this past and current year. And, when it came to the window buying market, 2015 saw more activity in exterior upgrades (including windows, exterior doors and siding) than in...


Cleaning Your Windows the Right Way

Cleaning your windows to ensure clear, scratch-free glass

Looking ahead to spring means getting into the spirit of spring cleaning. And, serving as the main focal point of any house or business, it's important to make sure that your windows are not only clean, but properly cleaned this upcoming...


Dark Colors are the latest Trends in Window Replacement

Trends change and evolve every day. Whether we look at clothing styles, or window replacement & designs, there seems to be a consistent ebb and flow of design trends that come and go, and then sometimes come back again. Right now, in the  window replacement and remodeling industry, people seem...


How Much Does an Entry Door Cost?

How much does an entry door cost? That's a good question, right?  This is, by every measure, one of the first and most critical questions I get from customers as they're walking through our showroom door. And, although there's a lot of variance when it comes to door prices, I feel it's my...


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