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December 8, 2016

There is art and beauty all around us, even in the places we often overlook. Art does not have to be as profound as a 10 foot painting, or as loud as a symphonic composition. No, it can be something as common, yet timeless as the architecture of a historic building, or the furnishings inside a family's home. Our ability to shape and construct our lives in a manner which speaks to us, or comments on our wants and preferences, is in and of itself, a work of art.


Franklin Window and Door_Showroom
A beautiful Marvin Integrity sliding door showcased at Franklin Window and Door.

For Cori Brown, a home is a canvas; from the windows to the cabinetry, to the kitchen back-splash, to the paint color in each room. So, when her and husband Scott opened up Franklin Window and Door back in 2012, they both made design and aesthetic integrity a priority when selling windows and doors. Each client or curious customer who walks into the showroom is greeted by facades showcasing the importance of color, shape and overall design. And, when at a standstill with the selection process, Cori will spend as much time as necessary with each homeowner to sort through color, hardware, material and style options.

So, Stop by Franklin Window and Door today to see what Cori can do for you. Maybe you have a vision for your front door design but need help executing, or perhaps you don't quite have one yet. Either way, we'll be here to add those personal touches, those details that make a house a home. And, we'll do it all, start to finish, with you, and only you, in mind.

Because, after all, it's about so much more than windows and doors.

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