Marvin Modern: A Marvel of Innovation and Contemporary Design

Life is in the details. In the way elements work together to bring your vision to life. In the materials and design that contribute to your convenience, comfort, and style. In the strength and durability of a job done right that ensures your peace of mind. Life is in the details, and no one...


Slide Your Concerns Away With Marvin Scenic Doors

One of the many wonderful things about summer is enjoying the endless beautiful days that seem to last forever. When you look out your doors, you take in all the gorgeous, green scenery summer has to offer. When you open a Marvin Scenic Door in your house, you not only look out at the outdoor...


Patio Door Options: Bifold Doors, Sliding Patio Doors, & French Doors


With all of the choices available today, how do you figure out which patio door style is right for your home.  That is a great question!!  Lets look at some of the options along with the some helpful tips for each style. 



Hot Trends in Patio Doors

Here are some of the most popular choices for sliding patio doors and folding patio doors.

Marvin "Bi-Fold" Folding Patio Door

The Marvin Bi-Fold Door is the perfect way to connect the beautiful outdoors with your custom home. This innovative door can have anywhere from two to eight panels...


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