Automatic Controls for Marvin's "Multi-Slide" Sliding Patio Doors


Marvin Ultimate Multi-Slide

 If you thought the style and performance ease of the Marvin Multi-Slide door could not get any more luxurious, you might want to think again. Now, customers have the remarkable option of installing an automatic remote control or wall switch system to operate their ordered multi-slide unit. This innovative operating system allows air circulation or security within a literal touch of a button.  Technology for today's most innovative sliding patio doors. 

Here are some of the included features:

  • Quiet operation
  • Adapts to smart home systems and phones
  • Factory prepped
  • Available on units as large as 12 panels

For more information on the Automatic Control for the Marvin Multi-Slide, visit Franklin Window and Door today!

Sources: Marvin


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