How to Operate Marvin's Next Generation Double Hung Windows

December 8, 2016


Next Gen Double Hung_Interior
Denali Ultimate Double Hung Next Generation Interior.

 The Marvin Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung Window diverts a bit from the operational norms of other double hungs on the market. But, it's because of these variations and operational considerations, that Marvin's been able to design both an easy to use and innovative window unit. For those unsure about how to best operate their window, Marvin has taken another step to ensure customer satisfaction.

Now available on Marvin's product page and YouTube channel, are instructional videos on how to use the entire window system; including the top sash, the Tilt-and-Wash feature and lastly, the venting mode function. These videos address all former and current questions and concerns about the Next Generation Ultimate Double Hung Windows.

Check out one of the tutorial videos below:


To see a live demo of this product, visit Franklin Window and Door located at, 1069 3rd Ave SW, Carmel, Indiana 46032.



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