Slide Your Concerns Away With Marvin Scenic Doors

July 19, 2018

One of the many wonderful things about summer is enjoying the endless beautiful days that seem to last forever. When you look out your doors, you take in all the gorgeous, green scenery summer has to offer. When you open a Marvin Scenic Door in your house, you not only look out at the outdoor beauty, you open up your entire home. Any concerns you have just slide away with Marvin Scenic Doors.

“Scenic doors are very hot now,” says Cori Brown, CEO, Window & Door Designer, Franklin Window & Door. “They make a big statement, and some homeowners enjoy an indoor/outdoor al fresco feel.” Three scenic ways to open up your house are Ultimate Multi-Slide; Ultimate Lift and Slide; and Ultimate Bi-Fold Doors, all from Marvin Scenic Doors. They are designed to connect open, spacious interior living with open, spacious exterior living. You get the best of both worlds.



Multi-Slide Doors

The panoramic Ultimate Multi-Slide Door from Marvin Doors gives homeowners the ability to acquire a whole new view. When they slide open their doors, homeowners get fresh air, expansive views, and warm, natural light. The Ultimate Multi-Slide Door has an unmatched 0.28 U-Factor for energy efficiency. It is available in six panel uni-directional and ten panel bi-parting.

“Some of the Ultimate Multi-Slide Features include Automatic Control, which are highly convenient,” Cori says. “You can open or close the Multi-Slide Doors with a wall-mounted control or hand -held remote touchpad controls.” They can be adapted to interface with home automation and smart phone technologies. “There is a motorized system that allows that,” Cori says. Also: Because it’s a Marvin option, factory prep for motorization streamlines installation.

Ultimate Multi-Slide Doors are also made in Pocket or Stacked configurations. With a Pocket configuration, panels slide into wall openings, completely disappearing from view. “These Scenic doors disappear into the wall,” Cori says. “Homeowners love them.” With a Stacked Configuration, door panels slide and stack neatly within the door frame. Both designs are available with an optional Scenic Door Ultimate Sliding Screen.


Bi-Fold DoorsMarvin_Ultimate_Multi-Slide_Door_22

Marvin Ultimate Bi-Fold Doors offer elegant solutions for indoor/outdoor luxury living, by opening wide. They have more glass which makes you feel like you are outdoors, while enjoying the cool comforts of your interior. A single outswing active access panel makes it easy for homeowners to handle with a hardware system that’s designed for outdoor residential and light commercial folding door applications.

“Homeowners can choose from performance, low profile and floor channel sill options,“ Cori says. “The performance sill in the Bi-Fold Doors are thermal, efficient, and durable.” One to sixteen panels can hold openings as large as 55 feet wide by 10 feet high. If you don’t want to open the entire door every time you walk outside, a single outswing active access panel is an option.


Ultimate Lift and Slide Doors

If you are looking for a seamless transition from exterior to interior, the Marvin Ultimate Lift and Slide Doors give you a clean and clear view with little operation involved. They are available with openings up to 48 feet wide and 12 feet high, with recessed or flush sills. Pocket and Stacked configurations give homeowners the flexibility to fit their individual needs. It’s a smart way to connect your interior with the beauty of your landscape.

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