Marvin Tilt Turn Window

December 8, 2016


Marvin_Home_Tilt Turn Open up a space and allow easy airflow with these sleek, Marvin Tilt Turn windows.

 The Marvin Tilt Turn window has been a popular item at the Indianapolis Home Show this year. This sleek and efficient European design allows easy air ventilation from the top of the sash or, like a casement window, throughout the entire window.

 And, operating this window could not be easier. From a locked position, simply turn the handle 90 degrees for it to swing in like a casement. From there, continue to turn the handle to 180 degrees for the top to tilt inward. Guide the handle back down in order to lock the sash into place. So, whether it's raining outside or sunny with a calming, spring breeze, allow the outside air in with the Tilt Turn window.

When considering this innovative and efficient window, keep in mind that the custom options are limitless. Marvin offers a wide variety of colors for the exterior extruded aluminum along with wood, stain and paint options, as well. Along with color and style, the Tilt Turn can be ordered in custom sizes and shapes, with decorative glass options to really solidify a look.

Make sure to visit Franklin Window and Door today, or give us a call at (317)993-3660 to learn more about the Marvin Tilt Turn window along with the other products we proudly sell.


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