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Have you been considering replacing your current front door?  If so, this Buyer's Guide was designed for you!  

This Free Educational Buyer's Guide includes important information such as:


  • Different Types of Entry Doors Including Fiberglass, Steel, Wood & Wood-Clad
  • How Much do Front Doors...

The Big Three in Indianapolis: Marvin, Pella & Andersen Windows.

As a Marvin Windows & Door Dealer in Carmel, Indiana, one of the top requests we get is for a comparison quote because the Marvin brand is considered one of the “Top Three” brands in our market.


In Indianapolis, Indiana, the Top 3 brands for windows and doors are Marvin, Pella & Andersen and...


Therma Tru Vs. Provia Exterior Doors: The Pros & Cons

 Which brand of exterior doors is better: Therma Tru or Provia?  Both of these brands offer a variety of options in both fiberglass and steel doors, as well as a multitude of glass and design options.  Both brands are popular options in the market today, but which one is truly better? Here are...


Replacing Windows in Your Historic Home: The Do's & Dont's

For those of us whom have owned a historic home either in the past or currently know the charm, character and beauty these homes possess. We also know about the idiosyncrasies you learn to deal with when owning such a home. One of the most challenging aspects of an older home for many people are...


Star of This Old House Visits Franklin Window & Door

The Indianapolis Home Show is always exciting and one of the longest home shows in the nation. Every year it brings in experts and celebrities from the residential building industry to discuss the latest and hottest trends. This year's schedule included Hilary Farr from HGTV’s “ Love it or List...


Marvin Windows vs Pella Windows: Which One is Better?

That is a great question. If you are in the research phase of your window buying journey, you have probably heard of both brand name window companies. Both of these companies are large corporations whom have been in window manufacturing for a long time and have prominent names in the...


Where Are All the Qualified Window and Door Installers?

2017 looks to be a very promising year for most segments of the residential remodeling industry. Residential Window replacement is a very large business opportunity for those of us brave enough to go for it. There are an unlimited amount of projects to bid on, but what happens if you go out and...


Integrity by Marvin vs. Infinity by Marvin: What are the differences?

This is a comparison you don’t generally see because both window lines are manufactured by the same company, Marvin Windows. There are, however, some notable differences between the two lines.  

The most notable difference was the theory behind how these two window lines were developed. The ...


Integrity by Marvin vs. Pella Impervia: Which is Better?

Franklin Window and Door is here to help you choose which fiberglass window is the best fit for you. 

Fiberglass windows are one of the hottest trends in the window industry today due to the strength and stability of fiberglass, making it a great option to handle the outdoor elements. 

But are...


How Do I Buy Replacement Windows?

That is a question many of my clients experience but do not verbalize. Buying Replacement Windows can be very overwhelming and confusing because most of my clients do not understand windows or how windows are installed. What many of my clients do verbalize is “ I am doing my due diligence by...


Window Installation: What’s the Best Method for my Home?

Replacement window installation methods

You finally decided on the perfect window for you and your home. You have found a fabulous installer to put in your new replacement windows.  Now, how do you decide the best method for installing those replacement windows?  Here are some pros & cons for...


Window Replacement Project Takes on a Classic "Doggy Door"

Derek Williamson, owner of the contracting company DSW, brought this innovative window replacement project to us in the design phase of the remodel.  He has been using Marvin Windows for his window replacement projects for quite some time and knew that Marvin Windows & the window designers at...


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