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Sliding Barn Doors- How do I choose the right one?

November 21, 2017

Sliding barn doors are one of the hottest trends in the door industry right now. Anytime you look at beauty shots on Houzz, Pinterest or any other social media sites you see a multitude of sliding barn doors. Barn doors are great for so many applications including but not limited to closets, pantries, living rooms, master bathrooms and the list goes on and on.

The best part about the sliding barn doors is the actual door itself. Chosen correctly, your barn doors are like a work of art.


What should I consider when selecting my barn doors?

1.  The Door Panel Design- Are you looking for a rustic, traditional look or are you adding some contemporary flair to your room? Either way, where you purchase your barn doors will play a part into the designs available. Big Box Stores like Menards and Lowes carry a limited supply of sliding barn doors. These options will be more cost effective than a custom supplier, however the design options will be more limited as well.  

Trustile Oversized Craftsman in Cherry with flat panels.jpg

              Example of  a more traditional, "craftsman" style sliding barn door.  This door is over sized at about 48 inches to really provide a grandeur effect. 

Are you trying to match your barn doors to your existing interior doors or are these a center piece for the room and are completely different than anything else in the house? If you really want to set your room apart, consider an interior door from Trustile. Trustile has thousands of standard designs available as well as fully custom design 

Trustile matching sliding barn doors with other interior barn doors.jpg                                                               Example of sliding barn doors that match the other interior doors in the home.

2.  The Material-  The material for your barn doors is also important in the look you are trying to achieve. The two primary options are MDF, which is a smooth paint-grade material, or wood. Some wood species examples to choose from are Pine, Knotty Alder, Maple, Mahogany, Fir, Oak and a slew of specialty wood species.

Another consideration is adding glass to your door panels. One current trend is adding white lami glass to a barn door for rooms like the kitchen pantry. This keeps visitors from being able to see into your pantry or storage area while adding that extra design element that only glass can give.

Trustile V Grove Collection with glass.jpg                                                                            Example of sliding barn doors that have a glass insert.

Some other even more unique options for your barn doors are special material inserts such as leather, chemetal and resin inserts.

Trustile Stacked Rail door with Leather inserts.jpg                                                                                 Example of sliding barn doors with a leather insert.

3. The Color- Do you want a stained wood look or are you trying to achieve that one of kind "pop of color." Either way, you can really accentuate the style of your sliding barn doors by taking the color into account. Here are a couple of examples of where that "pop of color" really adds some design elements to the room.


In the first example, the room is modern farmhouse with a monochromatic feel in all white . The Red sliding barn doors really add that "wow" factor to room as well as coordinate with the accents in the room such as the throw pillows.

Trustile V Groove Door with Pop of Red.jpg


This second example is actually in our showroom in Carmel, Indiana. We have a charcoal gray & greige theme to the showroom so this barn door in Sherwin Williams "Yam" (appropriately named!) really livens up the space.

Franklin Window & Door Trustile Barn Doors.jpg

Both of these examples are actually the same panel design which is the V-Groove Collection from Trustile.

4. Hardware for the Door Panels- It is very important not to forget the "door jewelry." Door jewelry or the door hardware is not a component to be overlooked. The sliding hardware itself comes in finishes such as satin nickel, black, oil-rubbed bronze and even red, white or blue! Once you have selected your hardware track color, then it is time to look at the jewelry for the door panels.

Carmel Indiana Showroom Sliding Barn Doors.jpg

For the door in our showroom, we used an Emtek Sandcast Bronze door pull.  This door pull is solid bronze in a flat black finish which matches the barn door matte black track.  

If you are looking to add sliding barn doors to your own home, give us a call or fill out the information below to contact us about a design consultation. We have several Trustile doors installed throughout our showroom to get your design juices flowing!  

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