Customize Your Entry Door with New Door Levers from Emtek

January 2, 2019


Whether you are undertaking a complete remodel or adding a few fresh updates here and there, we find that door hardware is an afterthought for many customers. With so many decisions to make, choosing your entry door levers, hinges, and locks may seem minor. But these components maximize your door’s performance and add subtle hints of style that can make a tremendous difference for years to come.


 At Franklin Window & Door, we are here to help you make the right choice. That’s why we are proud to offer Emtek, a top door and cabinet hardware manufacturer. Their new large size multi-point trim kits and Select Levers will help you protect and customize your entry door.


Emtek Multi-Point Trim KitsEmtek Gold Levers

With a single-point mortise lock set, there is only a latch and deadbolt — a single locking point between the door and its jamb. A multi-point lock is different; it has locking points at multiple locations in the door system (e.g. at the deadbolt, at the top jamb, at the sill). These points lock into place simultaneously.

 Emtek’s multi-point trim kits are ideal for 8 foot entry doors; in fact, some manufacturers will not honor warranties on 8 foot doors (particularly wood) if multi-point hardware is not used. There is a good reason for this: if you have an 8 foot wood door, warping is going to be an issue. Multi-point systems provide protection from this costly issue. Emtek’s Multi-Point Lock Trim measures 2 ½ x 17 inches - 1 inch wider and 5-6 inches taller than single-point options.

As mentioned, multi-point systems secure the door to the frame at multiple points and help create a good seal. When you’re dealing with extremely windy conditions, as we often do here in Indiana, the door and weather-strip can separate. This results in a significant leak that allows cold or hot air in — and lets your dollars flow right out. Again, it’s multi-point trim to the rescue!

Emtek’s kits are available from Franklin Window & Door in a variety of stunning finishes, from polished nickel to satin brass. There are also multiple lever styles and finishes from which to choose. They offer “grip entrance” appearance and functionality.


Emtek's Select Lever: Full CustomizationEmtekHardware1


Emtek offers another exciting line: Select Levers. The program features 4 textured grip designs in 7 gorgeous finishes, 2 stems in 7 finishes, and a variety of rosette styles. You can essentially mix and match styles and finishes. With hundreds of beautiful combinations possible, you are sure to create the perfect look for your home.

 Select Levers come as a full set with 28 degree rotation latch, strike plate, and dust box. A complete solution for your entry doors.


We understand you face multiple decisions when it comes to completing your home project, but Franklin Window & Door will provide clear education on all your options. Door hardware is not only an aesthetic choice: it helps improve the functionality, performance, durability, and security of your entry doors. Are you ready to upgrade the look of your door? Contact the Franklin Window & Door team for guidance in selecting hardware that fits your needs, style, and budget.

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