Ultra-Sleek Black Finish with Integrity - Marvin Elevate

January 2, 2019

For over a century, the Marvin name has been synonymous with quality, durability, beauty… and integrity. They have mastered the art and science of windows, blending outstanding style and elegance with superior engineering and construction. Franklin Window & Door takes pride in offering not only the best products from Marvin, but also clear education and design consultation on incorporating those products into your homes design. The new sleek black finish option available in Marvin Integrity Marvin Elevate windows is a fresh look from this exceptional company.  

Integrity - Marvin Elevate


With its slim sightlines and crisp lines, the Integrity - Marvin Elevate is an ideal solution for virtually any style. From modern to traditional, these windows add the perfect finishing touch.

While the All Ultrex is constructed exclusively of fiberglass with a faux wood interior, the Marvin Elevate features a fiberglass exterior and real wood interior. Previously, the Marvin Elevate was available in six exterior colors, and you had the option of unfinished, clear coat, or factory-painted white for the interior pine. Now, however, Marvin offers an elegant black finish.

Marvin Windows: Exceptional Performance


Fast is great, but Marvin doesn’t sacrifice quality for speed. Marvin Essential is a patented pultruded fiberglass, meaning that it undergoes a molding process in which reinforcing fibers are saturated with liquid polymer resin, formed, and pulled through a heated die. It is eight times stronger than vinyl and three times stronger than vinyl/wood composites.

You can be sure Marvin Essential will handle the elements without showing wear while resisting fading, chalking, peeling, and cracking. It is stable in extreme temperatures; because it expands at just about the same rate as glass, the windows remain strong. In fact, fiberglass windows deliver 38% longer life than vinyl. When it comes to durability and strength, Marvin Essential is virtually without peer.

It is also an energy efficient choice: Integrity windows meet or exceed ENERGY STAR guidelines. This will help you cut your utility bills down to size and reduce your environmental impact.

Integrity was named Best in Quality Fiberglass Windows in the 2017 Builder and Remodeling Magazine Brand Use Studies. The quality is exceptional, and the design options these windows allow will ensure that your home looks its best.

If you want to learn more about Integrity - Marvin Elevate, ask the experts at Franklin Window & Door. We’re here to offer clear education and a seamless design & installation process, so give us a call at (317) 993-3660 or visit us online to schedule a free in-home design consultation.

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