Innovative Interior Doors from Xinnix

You have considered every element. Your home is a modern masterpiece. Except for those traditional interior doors. Could frameless doors be the right solution for your home?  


Oikos Doors: Beautiful Solutions for a Secure Home

You need security and safety. You want an entry door that suits your style, that welcomes guests to your home. At Franklin Window & Door, we offer many solutions that can meet your needs and wants, such as Oikos’ entry doors, which are designed to facilitate home security, comfort, and style.


Superior Views with MHB Super Slim Steel

You have a beautiful view from your home, but something is missing. You want to see that beautiful view from every vantage point in your home, but traditional doors and windows just don’t cut it. You visit the experts at Franklin Window & Door, but can they really help you achieve your vision,...


Ultra-Sleek Black Finish with Marvin Integrity Wood Ultrex

For over a century, the Marvin name has been synonymous with quality, durability, beauty… and integrity. They have mastered the art and science of windows, blending outstanding style and elegance with superior engineering and construction. Franklin Window & Door takes pride in offering not only...


Customize Your Entry Door with New Door Levers from Emtek


Whether you are undertaking a complete remodel or adding a few fresh updates here and there, we find that door hardware is an afterthought for many customers. With so many decisions to make, choosing your entry door levers, hinges, and locks may seem minor. But these components maximize your...


Marvin Modern: A Marvel of Innovation and Contemporary Design

Life is in the details. In the way elements work together to bring your vision to life. In the materials and design that contribute to your convenience, comfort, and style. In the strength and durability of a job done right that ensures your peace of mind. Life is in the details, and no one...


Upgrade Your Home's Curb Appeal with a New Front Door

Fall is Door Season

The scent of autumn is in the air and with that beautiful fall wreaths and garland are brought out in droves to adorn our front doors.


Slide Your Concerns Away With Marvin Scenic Doors

One of the many wonderful things about summer is enjoying the endless beautiful days that seem to last forever. When you look out your doors, you take in all the gorgeous, green scenery summer has to offer. When you open a Marvin Scenic Door in your house, you not only look out at the outdoor...


You Ask, We Answer-Four Questions to Ask When Buying a New Front Door

Looking for a new front door?

Check out our latest article in our series "You Ask, We Answer- Four Questions to Ask when Buying a New Front Door" in Home Haven Magazine, the official publication of BAGI (Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis).


Integrity Windows-Now Have All Black Windows

As the Rolling Stones once said, "I see a red door and I want to paint it black" can now be said about windows. Black is the new White...  Our number one request from homeowners are black windows.  


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