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Turning Trends Into Reality: Five Trends in Glass

January 24, 2024

When it comes to innovation in the glass industry, Franklin Window & Door leads the charge - the team's showroom is called the Glass House Gallery for a reason!

If you’re looking to introduce an outside-the-box trend into your next project, consider these:

4Big Glass Panels

Windows are an important element in any exterior design. Everything from the size of the window opening to the color of the frames are important elements in the overall design of a home. Cori Brown, owner of Glass House Gallery, notes, “Large windows bring nature in.” The Glass House Gallery showroom at the IDC is a design and inspiration gallery for this aspect of the home and shows many different window and door styles, finish options and applications.

Pass Through Windows

Pass-through windows have only continued to gain popularity following the pandemic, as more and more homeowners invested in their outdoor spaces. Connecting the indoor and outdoor living spaces not only makes your home feel more cohesive, but it offers both homeowners and guests ease and connectivity from one space to the next.

Window Walls: Floor to Ceiling

The Spruce shares that floor-to-ceiling windows, often referred to as window walls, instantly give a space the feeling of open, airy elegance. Abundant natural light and an unhindered view help blur the line between the outdoors and the indoors.

Scenic Doors

According to Homes & Gardens, adding more glass to your door is a big front door trend for 2023, whether that be with full-height doors or custom inserts. Ideal for modern renovations and new-build homes, they bring character and texture to contemporary new-builds.


9Incorporating steel and narrow frames

Create a distinct contrast with windows sporting black frames and grids. Black trim delivers a sleek, dramatic look, and the distinct framing commands attention instead of blending into the background. You can emphasize the effect by eschewing curtains or other window treatments.

Whether you’re eager to jump on one of these trends or have a design idea you’re not sure is possible, talk to the team at Franklin Window & Door. At Franklin, “no” is not the answer; we know we can find a way and will leave no stone unturned.

Visit Franklin Window & Door's showroom, The Glass House Gallery, in Suite 117 at the Indiana Design Center. To learn more visit or call 317-993-3660.

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