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An Experience Like Never Before: The Franklin Window & Door Process

January 19, 2024

At Franklin Window & Door, the behind-the-scenes work we do aligns with our process just as strongly as what you experience when visiting our showroom or working with any member of our team.

“From the time the products arrive at our warehouse, until the time they are shipped to the job site, we go above and beyond in our documentation and safe handling processes to ensure the client gets the very best possible product,” shared Mike Knauer of Franklin Window & Door.

Here’s a breakdown of the strategic and thoughtful process:

  1. Compare incoming order sheets to the delivery driver’s manifest: This ensures every piece of the order is accounted for and gives our team the chance to inspect the units for visible damage. As this is occurring, the orders are neatly compiled into storage bays, and the customer is notified of their arrival so that delivery and/or installation can be coordinated.

  2. Catalog and storage of accessory items: The team holds back the screens, hardware, and astragals in addition to the mull covers. Those items are held back and meticulously entered into our screen and hardware storage modules, located at our warehouse, until the project is complete and has been all cleaned up.

  3. Deliver accessories to the site when the carpenter is ready: When the carpenters receive these, they will have all been labeled with their unit name and line number to cut out the confusion of figuring out which piece goes where.

  4. Send our service department to install all accessories for free: While our service team is onsite installing these items, we also assess the fit and function of each unit, ensuring everything looks great and operates seamlessly. All of these processes go a very long way in eliminating extra expenses for our clients.

“One thing our customers really appreciate is our cataloging and storage of accessory items,” shared Knauer. “This prevents the customer from having to keep track of them during construction, and this small step alone has saved our clients thousands of dollars in mull covers that would often need to be reordered due to loss or damage.”

Franklin’s process is truly unrivaled, with multiple members of the team involved every step of the way. A handful of members from the team meet with the architect, builder, interior designer, and clients for each and every project.

“That’s a much different process than your typical building experience,” says Scott Brown, owner and COO of Franklin Window & Door. “We are not order takers. We help in the design and build phases, literally working hand-in-hand with all of these people throughout the building process.”

The ultimate goal at Franklin Window & Door is to offer clients a Turn-Key Experience, providing the solutions that work for your project and that will deliver the functional and aesthetic value you and your clients depend on for years to come. They also strive to deliver the level of service that you need. That includes maintaining an advanced warehouse facility to expedite and organize the delivery and installation phase of every project.

“We offer a team approach unlike any other,” says Brown. 
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