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January 28, 2022

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The architectural design of a home is a preview to what is inside; the style of the exterior often sets the tone for the interiors, be it modern or traditional. Façade styles, windows and doors and exterior finishes are all elements that can elevate an exterior and add to its overall appeal. Indiana Design Center businesses Gary Nance Design and Glass House Gallery are frequent collaborators and are experts on what styles and products discerning clients will want this year.

Façade Details

Gary Nance of Gary Nance Design likes to use classic façade finishes that reflect the style of the home. Taking traditional materials like brick and stone and siding and using them to reflect a specific style is a thoughtful process.

He says, “I like to use classic traditional architectural elements in new residential construction that combines traditional, contemporary, and transitional elements.”

Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are important elements in any exterior design. Everything from the size of the window opening to the color of the frames are important elements in the overall design of a home.

Cori Brown, owner of Glass House Gallery, notes, “Large windows bring nature in, and oversized pivot doors are unique modern focal points.”

The Glass House Gallery showroom at the IDC is a design and inspiration gallery for this aspect of the home and shows many different window and door styles, finish options and applications. It is the home for both Franklin Window and Door and Lorenzo Finestre.

Exterior Finishes

Exterior finish combinations add the finishing touch to the design. Using brick, stone and siding on their own or in tandem all convey very different styles.

Nance says, “My interpretation typically veers to the classic architectural styles seen on the East Coast and in the residential areas of cities like Atlanta, Nashville and Chicago.”

Using classic regional styles as inspiration is a novel way to create a fresh take on a traditional style in new construction. Both firms work together extensively during the design process to create a cohesiveness of style for the finished home.

15580 Hidden Oaks-2-smlBuilder: G&G Custom Homes. Design: Gary Nance Design. Windows and Doors: Franklin Window and Door. Photography: Adam Gibson Photography.

Gary Nance Design, Suite 214 at the Indiana Design Center.
To learn more visit or call 317-605-2196.

The Glass House Gallery, Suite 117 at the Indiana Design Center.
To learn more visit or call 317-993-3660.

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