Contemporary Front Doors

September 22, 2017

Contemporary Design is leading the market in housing trends right now and as a result many of the front door designs we see are considered "contemporary."

In this blog we are going to show you several Contemporary front door options perfect for Modern Architecture.  However not everyone who wants a more modern front door has a Contemporary House.  In fact, many homes in the Indianapolis area are very traditional in nature so we will also show you how to add a more contemporary front door while still maintaining the traditional style of your home. 


Lets get started with the All Out Modern Homes! 


Some typical elements of a "Contemporary Door style are:

    • Mostly Glass
    • Bigger Doors- Widths up to 3'6" and Heights 8ft and taller 
    • Specialty Grids are used to add architectural detail
    • Vibrant Colors, Black or Grays for the Door
    • Square lines in the door and door hardware


You will see many of these design elements in the examples below:


1.   Therma Tru Door

The door in the picture below is an 8 ft tall Therma Tru Smooth Star Door with Flush-Glazed Clear Glass and 3 1/2 inch wide Simulated Divided Lite Bars.  The door has Direct Set Clear Glass Sidelites and an over-sized Transom.   The Flush-Glazed Clear Glass provides a stream-lined look to the glass vs. the traditional "ogee" edged glass stops.  The Flush-Glazed Glass also allows for wider glass and less frame.  The 3 1/2 inch Simulated Divided Lite Bars (SDL's) add architectural detail and some design elements for added curb appeal.  The Direct Set Sidelites also provide for more glass, less frame than a traditional sidelite which reinforces the contemporary design style. 





 2. Marvin Ultimate Hinged Door- Contemporary Collection

The door below is a Marvin Ultimate Hinged Door in their Contemporary Collection.  This door has an extruded aluminum exterior and a true wood interior.  A design element present in the Contemporary Collection French Doors are the  narrow stiles & rails that allow for more glass and less frame.  This door also features a multi-point locking system which means the door locks in 3 locations.  This provides greater stability and security for your door.  




3.  Simpson Wood Door

This door is a great example of a contemporary wood french entry door by Simpson Door Company.  Although this door itself doesn't boast as much glass as some of the other contemporary doors we've seen, the warm wood texture surrounded by glass on all sides really adds an elegance to a modern style home.  

Simpson Contemporary Wood Door.jpg



4.  SIW-  All Aluminum Pivot Door

Pivot Doors are becoming increasingly popular for contemporary homes in the Indianapolis, Indiana area.  This SIW Pivot Door option is available in a smooth aluminum finish but it is also available in a finish that looks like wood but is actually all Aluminum.  These doors are made in South Florida so they are built to withstand all of the elements nature can through at us, even a hurricane.  Although we generally do not see hurricanes is Central Indiana, you can feel confident with this choice because these impact rated doors will provide added security for your home. 







 Many of our clients want to add some Contemporary Flair to their homes but are afraid their homes are "too traditional".  This leads us to ask "how do I bring a little of the contemporary design into my own traditional style home."

Here are some design options and  helpful tips when updating a front door to a more "contemporary" style while not loosing the traditional design elements of the home.  



5. Therma Tru Smooth Star French Door

Here is a typical 1960-70's home with a Mid-Century Modern flair.  This home has been updated with a new contemporary french door. This Therma Tru Brand Smooth Star French door boasts a 3 panel design with privacy glass to allow for added light in the entry way but still provide privacy for the homeowners.   

 Therma Tru Indianpolis.jpg



6. Therma Tru Smooth Star Shaker Style Door

This door might not be what you would call "Contemporary" however it is a hot, hot, hot style right now.  This shaker style door is a perfect fit for a Modern Bungalow.  And when you add a splash of color like this buttercup yellow, you have a added a Splash of "Contemporary" to a what is generally considered a traditional style.  




No matter the style of you home, your front door is a great way to showcase your own personal design flair.  Do you have questions or would you like to speak to one of our door specialist about a new front door for your home?  

Need more inspiration, check out our Inspirations Gallery.

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