Steel: A Timeless Trend

December 20, 2019

Steel entrance systems are not just a hot trend right now—they are as timeless as steel windows and doors have been around, that is, for hundreds of years. The current steel trend comes from the look that can be achieved with this versatile material. Because of its strength, you can achieve very minimal site lines, translating to more glass and less “substance.


Rolled and Solid Steel

As with all products, not all steel is made the same. Steel products typically fall into two categories, solid and rolled. Rolled steel windows and doors are made by taking thin sheet metal and folding it to create a profile for a window or door. Because the material is thinner, the profiles are generally larger or wider than solid steel. The strength gained in using solid steel allows for the narrowest site lines available in the industry.


The Thermal Break

A term in the steel industry to be wary of is “thermally enhanced.” Some manufacturers claim that their windows are “thermally broken or thermally enhanced,” but a true thermal break is characterized by a non-conductive material situated between the panes of glass and steel extrusions. It is important to ensure that you are getting a true break to avoid issues associated with cold weather.

When considering steel, make sure that it has a true thermal break. Steel is used heavily in southern California and Texas, and in other climates that have a stable and warm environment, because the temperate climate doesn’t require a thermal break. In Central Indiana, unfortunately, that isn’t the case. As with any other metals, steel is a strong conductor of energy, so without a true thermal break the cold will conduct to the interior of the window or door. As such, without a true thermal break, you can expect poor energy efficiency and even ice build up on the interior side of your windows and doors during cold Indiana winters.


Other Considerations

Considering steel for your new home or remodel project? Here are two important considerations: 1. Steel will fall at the top of the scale for price point, especially true thermally broken steel. 2. You need to ensure proper planning, as steel windows and doors take 16-20 weeks to produce at a minimum. Want to learn more about steel or to discuss your upcoming project? Contact Franklin Window & Door. Franklin Window & Door has thoroughly vetted the steel market both nationally and internationally to find the best steel windows and doors available that are also appropriate for the central Indiana climate.

Schedule a free in-home design consultation and the Franklin Window & Door team will take you through your options, show you samples, and help you select exterior doors that deliver the level of style and performance you need.


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