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Marvin Essential vs Pella Impervia - The Battle of the Black Fiberglass Window

January 8, 2020

As the Rolling Stones once said, "I see a red door and I want to paint it black" can now be said about windows. Black is the new White...  Our number one request from homeowners are black windows. 

In 2018, black was our number one demand for the exterior of windows.  Now in 2020, our number one request is not only a black exterior but a black interior as well.

Marvin Essential (formally known as Integrity All Ultrex), which are fiberglass windows both on the exterior as well as the interior, released a black on black and a bronze on bronze collection back in 2018.  Marvin Elevate (formally known as Integrity Wood Ultrex) released a factory painted black interior in 2019. Marvin isn't the only brand with a black on black all fiberglass option. Pella Impervia also offers an all black fiberglass window. 

Let's look at each side by side

Exterior Comparison 


Integrity Exterior vs Pella Impervia Exterior


** NOTE:  This photo is prior to Marvin's rebranding of Integrity to Marvin Essentials


Interior Comparison

Integrity vs Pella Impervia

NOTE:  This photo is prior to Marvin's rebranding of Integrity to Marvin Essentials

Some more up close pics of both interiors!!!

Marvin Essential



Pella Impervia



Want to learn more about black windows?  Check out Black Windows-Do I need to worry about fading?

Are you building, remodeling or replacing your windows and considering an all black or bronze fiberglass window?  If so, give us a call or schedule a showroom consultation so we can learn more about your project!  WE HAVE FULL SIZE DISPLAYS OF BOTH MARVIN ESSENTIAL, MARVIN ELEVATE AND PELLA IMPERVIA ALL BLACK FIBERGLASS WINDOWS.

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