Exterior Door Showdown: Therma Tru Vs. Provia

July 26, 2019

Your exterior doors are much more than a design element: they are features of your home that will invite you in to leave your worries on the curb, slip off your shoes, and relax. But deciding which brand to select can be a tough call.   

When it comes to exterior doors, both Therma Tru and Provia are incredibly popular. Both brands offer a variety of fiberglass and steel doors, as well as a multitude of glass and design options. So how do you know which one will best meet your needs?  

Therma Tru vs. Provia: Pros and Cons 

The best choice is the one that makes sense for you and your home. We’ll examine Therma Tru vs. Provia exterior doors and how they hold up to some major factors in your decision: 

1. Where to Buy 67809122_439098550008763_600964524518977470_n

Accessibility is a significant concern, and here, Therma Tru doors offer an initial advantage. They are available at independent retailers, as well as Lowe’s, making them easy to find and buy. 

Provia is only available at independent retailers, so you may have to do a bit more searching. 

Both Therma Tru and Provia do make it easy to find their products with “Where to Buy” links on their websites. You can make it even more simple by asking our team for help. 

2. Price


Price is another big factor in your decision. Therma Tru offers a broad range of options at various pricepoints. From their wallet-friendly Benchmark by Therma Tru line, available only at Lowe’s, to their premium Classic Craft Collection, you can find the exterior door that works best for your home and budget. 

Provia tends to be a bit more expensive than Therma Truparticularly when it comes to their Builder Grade fiberglass and steel lines.  

3. Options and Customization


Therma Tru excels in delivering an extensive array of glass options and panel designs to complementdifferent architectural preferences. But it is important to know that this brand separates its decorative glass options according to its product lines. So, if you fall in love with a glass style featured in their Heart of the Market line, you can’t get it in the Premium Collection, or vice versa. It is more limited in that respect. 

Provia does not offer as many options as Therma Tru — but all of their glass options are available throughout their collections. You can select the style you love and then determine which product line best suits your needs. So, while choices may seem more limited initially, they expand in terms of your ability to “customize” your doors. 

4. Quality Control and Warranties 


 Where, and how, your door is constructed matters, and it is important to be clear on these factors.Therma Tru provides “pre-hangers” with slabs and components (excluding the frame components) for almost all of its lines.  

Pre-hangers are distribution companies that build the door or assemble the pieces. They also paint or stain the doors. Since distribution companies use different components and finishes, selections vary. The distribution model can impact your warranty, so be sure to ask who is responsible for which components.  

An exception to this is the Benchmark line, found at Lowe’s. Here, Therma Tru pre-hangs and constructs these doors at their own factory. 

Provia constructs their entire door system at their factory. This ensures all doors are consistent and fall under one warranty, and it allows Provia to offer a higher level of quality control. 

Provia and Therma Tru have similar warranties. One notable exception: Provia extends accidental glass break coverage. So, if little Johnny from next door throws a baseball through your new front door, Provia provides new glass for free. 

5. Sizing66767505_353674265324728_519627139996253562_n

If you have a non-standard door opening, finding a good fit can be difficult. Both of these leading brands can help: Therma Tru offers custom sizing with their Heart of the Market fiberglass line, the Fiber-Classic or Smooth Star Collection. Provia delivers exceptional flexibility, especially with their Premium line, the Signet Collection. 

Rather than altering your opening so it accommodates a standard-sized door, you can size your door to fit it perfectly. 

With all the options available in the market today, your search for the perfect front door can feel overwhelming. It doesn’t need to be a hassle! At Franklin Window and Door we will provide you with clear education and help you determine which manufacturer, material, style, and hardware are the right fit for you. Contact us today to schedule a free in-home design consultation! 


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