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How Much Does a Fiberglass Replacement Front Door Cost?

January 14, 2020

When you are considering a new front door for your home the first question is always "How much is my new front door going to cost?"

The answer is always "it depends."

However let's look at some example budgets to help you on your journey.   

It is important to note that there are many different brands and levels of fiberglass doors which come with a varying degree of price points.  To learn more about the different options, brands, designs, and features available in fiberglass doors, check out some of our other education articles 

But in this article we are going to focus on costs for a replacement fiberglass entry door using two of the more popular styles in Central Indiana last year. 

  • Modern Bungalow
  • Raised Panel with multi-lites 

Modern Bungalow

Our Modern Bungalow example is a Therma Tru Smooth Star Flushed Glazed Shaker style door in a variety of design options.

Starting price for a Primed (no finish paint) Therma TruSmooth Star Flushed Glazed Shaker style door is in the range of $700- $1000 depending on factors such as the sizing, selected frame material, hinge type, and other selections or options.

Therma Tru Smooth Star Flushed Glazed Shaker style single entry doorTherma Tru Smooth Star Flushed Glazed Shaker style single entry door with grip entrance hardware and privacy glass

Let's add.........

  1. Factory Finish Paint:  $1300-$1550 
  2. AND.......Grids such as Simulated Divided Lite Bars: $1450-$1650
  3. AND......Grip Entrance Hardware: $1500- $1950
  4. AND.......Privacy Glass: $2000-$2300





Therma Tru Smooth Star Flushed Glazed Shaker style single entry door with sidelites hardware

AND..... when we add Sidelites on each side of the door:  $3800-$4700 depending on selections






Therma Tru Smooth Star Flushed Glazed Shaker style single entry door with sidelites and transom

AND.......A Transom above the door and sidelites:   $4300-$5250 depending on selections







Raised Panel with Multi-Lites

A raised panel on a door refers to the lower panel of the door.  It generally encompasses 1/4 to 1/3 of the total height of the door.  Multi-lites refers to the grids in the glass of the door.  There are several different types of grids and many different pattern options available.

In this example we are using a Provia Signet Premium Fiberglass Entry Door in a Cherry Grain.  Provia doesn't offer Primed Only options in their Signet Collection so the doors will come with a factory stain or paint. 

Starting price for a single lower raised panel Provia Signet multi-lite entry door. Standard width of 3ft wide by the popular height of 8ft tall.  This door is factory stained with cherry graining and a 6 lite SDL (simulated divided lites) with Low E glass with argon.  A Provia door that is 8ft tall comes automatically with multi-point hardware and will be in the range of $4800-$5400 depending of standard vs custom sizing and selections.   It is important to note that a standard height door of 6ft 8inches will be less than an 8ft option and does not come standard with multi-point hardware. 

Screen Shot 2020-01-12 at 9.38.22 PM


And......when we add Sidelites:  $8900-$9400

And......Privacy or Custom Glass:  $9800-$10,300








Screen Shot 2020-01-12 at 9.55.10 PMScreen Shot 2020-01-12 at 9.54.45 PM

What about..... a French or Double Door: $8900- $9400

And.....with Privacy or Custom Glass:  $9800-$10,300





Installation by a qualified and experienced door installer is another consideration when planning for your front door budget.  You can expect to pay anywhere from $750 for a single entry door replacement to $1950 for a double or french entry door replacement.  

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