Magnificent Marvin Windows in Zionsville

September 18, 2017
This article is from Jamie Sangar's blog. Modern style maven, Jamie Sangar, is the creator of Mod Abode, an online design haven curated by Jamie’s discerning eye for design. In this blog post she details a project we recently finished in Zionsville with Deb Maley (Interior Designer), Goldberg Design Group (Architect), and Christopher Scott Homes (Builder).



Driving through the neighborhood’s winding roads, rolling hills, and beautiful scenery, the journey to get to this new Zionsville home is only just the start of the list that will leave you jaw-dropped. It sprawls across a healthy green corner lot, and the painted white brick exterior is a stark contrast to the surrounding woods. Before you even make it to the front door, a sense of tranquility sets in as you hear the peaceful water fountain that you pass by on your way up the sidewalk. The list of features including the outdoor living space, the interior finishes, the windows and doors, and the cabinetry all combine to make this home truly one of a kind.


The homeowners selected the lot because of the relative seclusion with woods bordering two of the sides. Privacy was of upmost importance for these homeowners, who had spent the last chapter of their lives living on rural farmland. “Moving from 100 acres to a neighborhood, we were interested in downsizing but were concerned that we would lack privacy. This lot seemed to answer that need,” explained the homeowner.

If I were to tell you that these homeowners who were once concerned with privacy had two great room windows standing at 6ft wide by 9ft tall each, you probably wouldn't believe me. In this very same room, the adjacent wall has 16ft wide sliding doors. However, because of smart design and planning with the positioning of the home, the outdoor living space and woods provide all of the privacy that this once skeptical couple needed. “Whenever anyone steps into our home, the first thing that they comment on are our windows.” In a home featuring all kinds of unique details, the windows are just something you cannot take your eyes off of. 


The goal with the overall design aesthetic was to mix a feeling of old and new. The painted white brick exterior paired with the sleek and modern black windows was the winning combination to set that tone. Deb Maley, owner of A New Arrangement that specializes in interiors, had previously worked on a project that utilized Marvin Windows, and felt that their product offering was a great fit for these homeowners that wanted to bring the outdoors in. “Designing the window layout with large singular sections of glass as opposed to pairing smaller windows together to create a large view really allowed my clients to feel like the outdoors was a part of their interior living space. We chose to use simulated divided lite bars to add an architectural element that did help define the two spaces.” The result is essentially a canvas that beautifully frames the outdoor view as if it was artwork.


Steve Goldberg, owner and lead designer at Goldberg Design Group, has been producing homes for sophisticated clients with discerning taste throughout Central Indiana for over 28 years. This Zionsville home is one of his newest completions. “A large part of my job as an architect/designer is to help my clients achieve the best value proposition for the design and construction of their new home or remodeling project. Marvin Windows and Doors helps us in that respect in several ways, and we are fortunate to have a local distributor with Franklin Window and Door in Carmel, Indiana.”

Marvin Windows is a brand based out of Minnesota, that prides themselves on customization and performance. What began as a family company built on old-fashioned code of honesty, and service to their neighbors is now an industry-leading manufacturer of premier windows and doors. “First of all, the quality of their product is fairly undisputed in our industry,” says Goldberg, “but one of the major ways that it provides so much value for us is the range of product available to us. The larger window sizes offered, in particular, help us achieve not only the aesthetics we are aiming for, but to do so without having to use many more units of a smaller size. More units = more cost.”


In a home built with an extravagant amount of high-end details, it was no small task for the homebuilder. However, Christopher Scott Homes prides themselves on meticulous supervision and a “hands-on” approach with each and every project. While most builders delegate critical work to design teams and foremen, Chris Carnell and Scott Bates, owners of Christopher Scott Homes, are present on the job site daily to ensure careful attention is being paid to every detail.  “When we met the clients they had a very specific vision for their home. To achieve the unique look and feel of their home we incorporated a white painted exterior with a prominent limestone entry.” Considering this duo has an impressive list of some of the Central Indiana’s most prestigious homes, it was no surprise that when asked what distinct feature this home had that set it apart from their other projects, they replied with “the windows.” “An important and impressive feature of their home was having an expansive amount of glass throughout the home. The decision was made to partner with Franklin Window and Door to achieve this feature with their Marvin Windows product line.”


Scott and Cori Brown, owners of Franklin Window and Door, collaborated with the team to recommend a package that fit not only the design aesthetic of the homeowners’ needs, but that also fit the allotment in the budget for windows. “We love having customers visit our showroom to see the range of different options they have when choosing their window package. We enjoy being introduced in the design process early so that we can really gain an understanding for our customer’s needs. It was a pleasure working with these homeowners, in particular, because they designed a home around the views of the beautiful nature that surrounds them. We also really value the ongoing relationships that we have with this all-star team of contractors in Deb Maley, Goldberg Design Group, and Christopher Scott Homes.” 


When asked how the home was designed around the way that they lived, the homeowners shared that, “We entertain a LOT!  So the open kitchen concept which flows to the outside space was important to us. Thus, we initiated and created the extensive landscape design. The ability to move a number of people around really drove this design.” The outdoor living space, showcases another fountain, an outdoor kitchen, multiple sitting areas, a dining area and a fire pit. “Every evening at 5:00 pm, we always commit to being together in the kitchen or outside space for a glass of wine and conversation before beginning our evening. We love the outside area!”


Refined taste and impeccable details are a result of a collaborative effort amongst these homeowners and their team of professionals. For additional information, please visit the respective websites below to experience their breadth of work. Please enjoy the remainder of the photo tour below.

Deb Maley - Interior Design

Goldberg Design Group - Architect

Christopher Scott Homes - Builder

Franklin Window and Door - Marvin Windows Distributor


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