Integrity Windows, a Lasting Love with Fiberglass

December 7, 2016

When it comes to choosing the right window, it can be a challenge with all of the brands and material choices available, not too mention the differences in price tags!

So, when we want a long lasting, energy efficient product that won't break the bank, fiberglass windows are there to provide us the best possible solution.

Integrity fiberglass windows

Integrity's Marvin Essentials pultruded fiberglass windows happen to be some of the most durable, resistant and energy efficient windows on the market. By design, Integrity Windows have shown to be around eight times stronger than vinyl and three times stronger than wood/vinyl composite windows. And with all of that strength, Integrity manufactures its windows with a narrower frame and larger glass surface area, allowing for more viewing space.

DSC01119Coinciding with durability, Marvin Essentials fiberglass has a 87 percent less expansion rate than vinyl. This means that the window expands and contracts at the same rate as the glass, preventing the occurrence of any seal breaks and/or water damage. 

Lastly, Compared to single pane unglazed windows, Integrity windows utilize a dual pane system with a low emission coating. This energy saving feature can reduce window heat loss and cut costs by up to 34 percent in cold climates, and up to 38 percent in warm climates.

So with both the environment and wallets in mind, Integrity's Marvin Essential fiberglass is the perfect product line to keep in mind for future window and door projects.

Don't forget to visit Franklin Window and Door, located at 1069 3rd Ave SW, Carmel, Indiana to see these Integrity fiberglass windows and doors in person!

Sources: Marvin Family Brands, Integrity


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