Integrity by Marvin vs. Pella Impervia: Which is Better?

January 17, 2017
Franklin Window and Door is here to help you choose which fiberglass window is the best fit for you. 

Fiberglass windows are one of the hottest trends in the window industry today due to the strength and stability of fiberglass, making it a great option to handle the outdoor elements. 

But are they all made the same? That is a top question if you are researching the different products and brands available in fiberglass windows. A couple of the most well know brands in fiberglass windows are the Integrity by Marvin product and the Pella Impervia product. How do these stack up against one another? Great question! Let’s find out!

Integrity by Marvin is made of Marvin Essentials Fiberglass, a pultruded fiberglass pioneered from the Marvin Company. Pultruded fiberglass is made from thin strands of strong glass cables, saturated with compounded resins to create a durable material. The Marvin Essentials fiberglass is known for its strength, stability and low-maintenance. For all of the testing reports and specifications regarding the Marvin Essentials, visit


Integrity offers two options in the fiberglass line. The first option is the Marvin Elevate, which offers a fiberglass exterior and a true wood interior. TheMarvin Elevate
window is available in six exterior colors, and the pine interior is available unfinished or factory painted white. This is only available in one shade of white (very close to Sherwin Williams Extra White) so if your home has an antique or creamy white, you will need to apply a topcoat of your own paint. The second option is the All Ultrex window. This window is all fiberglass. It is available in six exterior colors, however, the interior is only available as Stone White


The Pella Impervia fiberglass window is made from Duracast, Pella’s patented,
five-layer engineered fiberglass composite. The Impervia is available in five colors. Unlike the Integrity window, the Impervia is available with the same color on both the interior and exterior. They do have four dual-color options where you can select white on the interior. The Impervia window does not offer a wood interior like the Integrity Marvin Elevate. To learn more, click here to download and read Pella's online brochure. 

As far as fit and finish, the Integrity by Marvin has a smoother finish due to the pultrusion process and the acrylic cap, whereas the Pella Impervia has more of the typical “grainy” fiberglass appearance.  

 exteriors impervia vs integrity side by side.jpg 

Exterior Views- Pella Impervia (Left) & Integrity by Marvin - Wood Ultrex (Right)

Both product lines offer several hardware finish options. White and Satin Taupe are the standard options for the Integrity window, where as White is the standard option for the Impervia.  

A couple of standout differences between the two product lines are the Glass Options and the warranties. Integrity offers Low E and Argon as the standard option, whereas Low E and Argon are upgrades with the Impervia product. On the flip side, the Pella Impervia offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty to the original purchaser (homeowner). If that homeowner moves, the warranty transitions to a 10/20 warranty for the remainder of what is left on the warranty. The Integrity Product only has a 10/20 warranty (10 years for non-glass components and 20 years for glass failure) but it is fully transferrable.  

“Which is Better?” is a question that can only be answered with “it depends.” It depends on what you are looking for in your fiberglass windows. If having a true wood interior is top on your priority list, then the IntegrityMarvin Elevate window would be a better fit for you. However, if  you are looking for a window with a black interior, you cannot beat the Pella Impervia.

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