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I Like This Door I Found On Pinterest. What Kind Of Door Is It?

January 30, 2020

Many times our clients will come to our showroom and  show us their "inspiration pics" for the look they are going for with their new exterior doors. This is extremely helpful for several reasons

  • helps us determine your specific style
  • helps us to give you an idea on budget
  • helps direct us in what options to show you

Timeless, yet at the same time, a very hot trend on Pinterest is steel exterior doors. Steel doors are an aesthetic design not achieved by any other material because of it's strength. The strength of solid steel allows you to have very narrow sitelines (the rails and stiles of both the frame and panel of the door are what is referred to as the sitelines).  Steel has been a popular choice in southern climates like Texas and Southern California for many years.  Because of the temperate climate, a thermal break is not necessary in these regions so the steel is much more cost effective.  But in northern climates such as Central Indiana, a thermal break is necessary so steel brand options are more limited not to mention much more expensive.  

Because of how expensive steel is, many of our clients will choose to use steel for specific feature areas while substituting with an aluminum clad wood product for the majority of the product. These products generally compliment each other quite well in regards to the overall look of the home.

Here is a great example from one of our collaborative projects with Scott Campbell Custom Homes.  The clients wanted some feature pieces in steel while combining with the more common aluminum clad wood products.:

MHB Steel-Franklin Window And Door- Marvin Signature Arched French Door

  • the upper door unit is a Marvin brand aluminum clad wood arched top french door
  • the lower door unit is an MHB brand solid steel arched top french door

As you can see, the steel door has very narrow stiles & rails (30mm or just over 1 inch) where as the aluminum clad wood option has 4 inch stiles & rails. Both are beautiful doors, both with their own style and aesthetic design.

Interested in a solid steel exterior door?

Would you like to learn more about aluminum clad wood doors?

Here are some more examples of the MHB steel product on this same Scott Campbell Custom Home.   Follow us on Facebook & Instagram to see more pictures from this amazing custom home as progress continues.  

MHB Steel-Franklin Window And Door


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