Energy Efficient Window Styles: Your Guide to Elegant Efficiency!

December 18, 2019

Today’s savvy homeowners are looking for the perfect balance of beauty and performance, elegance and efficiency. Leading energy efficient windows deliver, and updated styles capture the clean, crisp, contemporary look you need to bring your design vision to life. 

On Trend: Energy Efficient Windows and Style

Homeowners need more from their windows, whether they are building from the ground up or installing replacement windows. Performance is at the top of the priority list. After all, feeling a cool breeze on your face is refreshing - unless you’re in your living room, wearing two sweaters.

To prevent costly, and uncomfortable, heating/cooling loss, homeowners are increasingly opting for:

  • Energy Star-Rated Windows. Technical details can be complex: in Indiana, for example, we generally need a U factor of ≤30 and a solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) of ≤40. Energy Star ratings simplify the process of choosing new or replacement windows. It has become a sort of shorthand that makes choosing windows easier.
  • Dual-Pane Replacement Windows with Low-E Coatings & Argon Gas Insulation.
When it comes to replacement windows, homeowners often opt for dual-pane windows with low-E coatings and argon insulation. But what exactly does this mean?

Low-emissivity glass minimizes the amount of infrared and UV light that comes through the glass - but does not minimize the light itself. The low-E coating is transparent and reflects heat, keeping your internal temperature consistent. Argon gas between the panes slows the transfer of heat without creating condensation. It also provides a comparable R-factor to wall insulation, which is useful year-round.

Double-pane replacement windows of this type are certainly an upgrade. But if dual-pane is great, isn’t triple-pane even better? Not necessarily. According to the experts at Marvin, “Triple-pane windows work best when enhanced energy performance is a key objective. Tripane offers a range of low-E configurations for greater Solar Heat Gain control, including panes filled with argon or krypton-argon gas for added efficiency. But no matter how many panes there are, if the window is poorly constructed, poorly installed or allows air leakage, it will not be efficient.”

We can help you make the most efficient (stylish!) call for your home.

  • “Surface 4” Coating. Innovations in window design deliver extra protection for those of us who experience cold, windy, icy winters. Most dual-pane windows feature “surface 2” coating. This means the exterior pane’s inner surface is coated. However, we’re seeing a move towards “surface 4” coating, in which the roof-facing surface of the inner pane is also coated. This helps reduce heat loss and achieve a consistent temperature in your home.
  • Impact-Resistant Designs. Top manufacturers feature coatings that prioritize energy efficiency and durability. Impact-resistant designs are ideal for storm-prone areas. They are typically intended for hurricane-zone homes, but as we see severe weather, high winds, and tornadoes, these designs are certainly relevant. These types of windows have a “sacrificial” outer pane and a transparent film over the outer surface of the interior pane. This keeps that piece of glass intact even under tremendous force.

Form and Function

Practicality, functionality, and performance are critical. But you don’t want to compromise. This is your home. While functionality is essential, we see an increasing desire for a clean, sleek aesthetic. To simplify: more glass, less frame.


This enduring trend comes to life in this Franklin Window & Door project. Notice the super-slim lines of the frame and the crystal-clear panes of gorgeous glass. 

A slim line in the frame allows more of the outdoors to come in - and for homeowners to thoroughly enjoy the view - without detracting from performance. 


That doesn’t mean, however, that the frame doesn’t add to the visual impact. In fact, this is a feature 

that more homeowners want: a finish that truly adds the perfect final touch. Black, for instance, is growing in popularity as it provides a crisp, clean look. Obsidian, craftsman bronze, anodized silver, and microflake paint are other sought-after finishes.

More glass, less frame, indeed! And yet, the black finish packs a powerful - though subtle - punch!

Darker finishes are in demand, and it makes sense. With the slimmer profile frames, new or replacement windows accomplish two key goals: they allow the outdoors in with minimal disruption, and at the same time, they can become a gorgeous focal point of a room. At once striking and unobtrusive.

There is also the option to “mix and match” slim lines with more substantial frames, as we see here:

KE7C1924This achieves a smart, contemporary look that perfectly complements the design intent. 

Leading window manufacturers like Marvin understand that energy efficient windows should be money- and utility-savers, as well as compelling elements of design. You can achieve the comfort, efficiency, and style you want, and we can help. Franklin Window & Door is committed to providing you with education and advice that is as clear as the windows we’ll install in your home. 

Contact us today to schedule a consultation.  


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