What's New in the Window and Door Industry?

December 7, 2016
Window & Door Dealer Days: What's New in the Industry

When you're part of a small, husband and wife owned window and door dealer, there are a multiplicity of challenges you face every single day. With this industry, things are constantly changing and advancing. That's why this year, at the Window & Door Dealer Days, it was a more than perfect time to get together with fellow dealers in the industry and share ideas.


Cori Brown_Franklin Window and Door
Cori Brown, CEO at Franklin Window and Door, spoke at this year's Window & Door Dealer Days.


Cori Brown, CEO at Franklin Window and Door, was there to discuss her tips for creating a unique, and seamless showroom for clients and future customers. Cori was on the panel with three other dealer owners from across the nation, and touched on a lot of different points regarding showroom design and layout.

The panelists were as follows:


Panelists from left to right: Scott Thurber, Cori Brown, Jeff Wilcox, and Rick Locke


Cori Brown, Franklin Window & Door
Scott Thurber, Associated Building Supply Inc.
Rick Locke, Windows, Doors & More
Jeff Wilcox, Glass Concepts

After each panelist had an opportunity to showcase their showroom and discuss their approach, it was time for them to receive questions from the audience. During the duration of Glassbuild America, and Window & Door Dealer Days, a plethora of topics were addressed.

To read  more about the trip and what was discussed during the Window and Door Dealer Days visit W&D Weekly and read The Talk, with Audrey Bailey.

For more information on what's new in the industry, stop by Franklin Window and Door, today!


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