Therma Tru Vs. Provia Exterior Doors: The Pros & Cons

February 10, 2017

 Which brand of exterior doors is better: Therma Tru or Provia?  Both of these brands offer a variety of options in both fiberglass and steel doors, as well as a multitude of glass and design options.  Both brands are popular options in the market today, but which one is truly better? Here are some pros & cons of both door lines to help you decide which is the better option for you!

 1.    Where to Buy

Therma Tru Doors are available at many Independent Retailers and Lowes stores nationwide which makes them pretty accessible to find. 

Provia is available at Independent Retailers only.

Both Therma Tru & Provia have a "Dealer Locator" portal on their websites to help you find local providers in your area. 


2.    Price

Therma Tru offers a broad range of price options from their cost effective, Benchmark by Therma Tru, available only at Lowes stores to their premium collection, the Classic Craft Collection.

Provia is generally a little more expensive than Therma Tru especially in the Builder Grade or as Therma Tru calls it, "Heart of the Market" fiberglass & steel lines.  They do not offer an "off the shelf" option found at "big box stores."


3.    Options

Therma Tru has a truly extensive selection of glass options and panel styles for many different architectural preferences and styles.  An important detail to note, however, is Therma Tru separates it's decorative glass offerings between the different product lines. In other words, if you fall in love with one glass style in their "Heart of the Market" line, you cannot get that glass style in their "Premium" collection or vice versa. 

Provia does not have as extensive of a line as Therma Tru so panel styles & glass options are more limited.  However, Provia's glass options are available throughout all their product lines.  This means you can select a decorative glass style you like then determine which product line best fits your budget. 


4.    Quality Control & Warranties

Therma Tru provides the slab & all components except the frame components to pre-hangers.  Pre-hangers are Distribution Companies that essentially build the door or put all of the pieces together.  Different Distributors use different frame components. Factory finishing such as paint or stain also occurs at the pre-hanger or distribution center so selections may differ.   This distribution (pre-hanging) model is important to note when considering warranties so there isn't finger pointing on who is responsible for what components.  The exception to this is their Benchmark by Therma Tru doors found at Lowes.  Therma Tru does pre-hang and construct these doors at the Therma Tru factory.    

Provia, on the other hand, constructs their entire door system at the Provia Factory.  This keeps all the doors consistent and under one warranty.  This also keeps quality control at a high level because all of their doors are produced in full at Provia.

Provia & Therma Tru have similar warranties except Provia has one little aspect of their warranty that is different.  They offer accidental glass breakage.  So if little Johnny, your next door neighbor, throws a baseball through your new front door, Provia will provide the new glass for free. 


5.    Sizing

Therma Tru & Provia both offer Custom Sizing within their product lines.  Provia offers a lot of flexibility in custom sizing, especially with their "Premium" line, the Signet Collection, where as Therma Tru offers more custom sizing in their "Heart of the Market" fiberglass line, the Fiber-Classic or Smooth Star Collection.  So no matter your budget, both Therma Tru & Provia offer a door that can be sized to fit your existing opening rather than altering the opening to fit a standard size door. 

 Provia Contemporary Steel Front Door Carmel Indiana.jpg

The search for your new front door can be overwhelming with all of the options available in the market today, but it doesn't have to be!  The important thing to remember is that if you have done your research and determined which provider, style & installer are the best fit for you, then you have found the “better” option regardless of which brand you choose.

Our blog, How Do I Buy a New Front Entry Door?, will also provide insights and considerations to help you through your journey of purchasing a new exterior door. 

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