A Happy Customer with a New Steel Entry Door

We were so happy to open up Facebook this morning to this post. See how much our customer loves her new Provia Legacy Woodgrain Steel Entry Door.


Custom Doors And Your Home’s Curb Appeal

When buyers shop for homes, the first thing that will register in their minds is a property’s exterior. Eventually, they may look for features like a grand kitchen, or a spacious living room, but it doesn’t change the fact that the urge to buy first kicks in after seeing the home’s exterior. A...


Window Replacement Company in Indianapolis Offers Energy Efficiency

Many homeowners need every advantage to ensure their home does not cost too much to maintain. This includes making sure the windows are intact enough to help keep the heating and cooling load inside. Mitchell Parker of Houzz.com says every window matters in ways beyond just providing natural...


Franklin Window and Door Regular Contributors for National Magazine



Franklin Window and Door, located in Carmel, IN.

Franklin Window and Door Employee Featured in National Publication:

March 9, 2015-Franklin Window and Door’s newest team member is gaining national recognition after being featured in the industry's Window & Door newsletter, along with ...


A Simple Window Replacement in Indianapolis Can Transform Your Home

Adding a window to the right spot of your home isn’t just good for making the place look great. It can also contribute to making a home that is more functional and energy-efficient at the same time which is important in the Indianapolis climate. Here are some ways you can maximize a small window...


Our Window Installers are at the Showroom

Franklin Window and Door's team of window installers are in the back of the showroom on this hot, sunny Tuesday afternoon. They're working diligently on mulling together Marvin Ultimate Casement windows, custom made for Christopher Scott Homes (CS Homes). Tomorrow, these casements will be...


Indianapolis Home Show Coming Soon!


 Franklin Window and Door will be featured at the Indianapolis Home Show from Jan. 22 - 31. This event takes place at the Indiana State Fairgrounds and highlights model homes, design products, home improvement services, and all other housing and landscape essentials.

This year, Franklin...


How Much Does an Entry Door Cost?

How much does an entry door cost? That's a good question, right?  This is, by every measure, one of the first and most critical questions I get from customers as they're walking through our showroom door. And, although there's a lot of variance when it comes to door prices, I feel it's my...


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